Nutrition – Mistaken ideas

Nutrition - Mistaken ideas - boxer

Nutrition – Mistaken ideas About boxer Dog owners are too often misled by a number of generally accepted ideas that have been handed down through the years. The following paragraphs should set the record straight. A dog should fast once a week. This may be convenient for the owner, but has nothing to do with the dog’s health. A fasting

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Eating habits – Basic Principles

Eating habits - Basic Principles - About boxer.

Eating habits – Basic Principles About boxer The color of the food doubtless makes more of an impression on the owner than on the dog. (The same is true of kibbles shaped like bits of meat or tiny vegetables.) The odor of the food, however, is an entirely different story. Everyone has seen a dog sniff its dish before gobbling

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Identification Given the rising population and the fact that people are more mobile, which increases the risk of losing a domestic animal, all dogs should be properly identified so that they can be reunited with their owner as quickly as possible. Tatooing Electronic Identification of the Dog

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