Adulthood – About Boxers

Boxers Aging

Adulthood – About Boxers Aging is a gradual biological process that begins at birth, and continously intensifies until death. No matter what the species, aging causes cellular, metabolic, and organic changes. We are beginning to better understand these changes in dogs. The most important change is probably that of increasing variability between members of a canine population that is already

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Growth – About Boxers

Growth in Dogs

Growth – About Boxers Everyone agrees that the growth period is the most critical period for a dog, because it has such a great effect on the optimal course of the dog’s life, includes successive phases with hifh pathological risk_particularly the growth phase following weaning, which is the most intense. This is in fact a particularly delicate phase, because during

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The dog’s sexual behavior

The dog's sexual behavior

The dog’s sexual behavior The male dog reaches puberty somewhere between the age of seven to ten months, depending on his breed. Small breeds are more precocious than medium-sized dogs and even more so than large-sized breeds. The extremes on either end are six months and three years. With bitches, sexual maturity or puberty corresponds to the first heat, which

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