The dog’s sexual behavior

The dog's sexual behavior

The dog’s sexual behavior The male dog reaches puberty somewhere between the age of seven to ten months, depending on his breed. Small breeds are more precocious than medium-sized dogs and even more so than large-sized breeds. The extremes on either end are six months and three years. With bitches, sexual maturity or puberty corresponds to the first heat, which

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Marking territory in dogs

Marking territory in dogs Marking behavior is common in all dogs, regardless of their sex or age. It is a means of communication that varies greatly depending on the social status of the dog. Developing communication systems is an absolute necessity, especially for social species like domestic carnivores. Marking is primarily accomplished by depositing urine or feces. It is both

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The dog’s agressive behavior

The dog’s agressive behavior In ethological terms, aggression is defined as a “physical act or threatening action that one individual commits against another, thereby limiting his very freedom and genetic potential.” Several different types of aggressive behavior can be distinguished: predatory aggression, hierarchical aggression, frustration-induced aggression, territorial and maternal aggression and fear-induced aggression. Save for predatory aggression and fear-induced aggression,

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Learning the hierarchy in dogs

Learning the hierarchy in dogs Because dogs are born to live in a society, they must learn the rules of the hierarchy. In other words, they must learn to control their desires according to the rules in place within the pack. Learning the hierarchical structure is accomplished by learning the rules governing feeding, the control of territory and sexuality. Within

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The puppy’s socialization

The puppy’s socialization Socialization is a lengthy learning phase during which the puppy acquires all the behaviors needed for life in the pack. This stage begins at the age of six weeks and ends arbitrarily around the age of four months. Mistakes in rearing or training during this period are possible and may jeopardize a happy and balanced relationship between

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