The dog’s behavioral tests

The dog's behavioral tests

The dog’s behavioral tests The Campbell tests help determine the main personality traits of the puppy. Bear in mind, however, that even if innate traits are dominant, the new owner can modify them through the way in which he cares for the dog. He can, in effect, reinforce certain personality traits and discourage others. The tests should be carried out

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Instinct and intelligence in dogs

Instinct and intelligence in dogs The concept of instinct has greatly evolved. Behavioral development requires a complex interaction of genetic predisposition and experience. To say that an animal behaves instinctively may be erroneous because this implies that behavior was not influenced by experience. It is difficult to conclude that a form of behavior was mainly determined by genetics and that

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The dog’s behavioral problems

The dog’s behavioral problems Behavioral problems are frequently observed in dogs. Some of these problems can be prevented from the time when the puppy is purchased and owners can avoid others through proper training. Some problems appear as early as infancy or adolescence such as phobias, i.e. noise, car, people phobias. These dogs will not be able to adapt to

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Dog’s feeding behavior

Dog’s feeding behavior Wild dogs devote a lot of time and energy to finding, chasing and capturing their prey. Their predatory behavior is motivated by hunger. The prey has the following characteristics: it is not aggressive, the dog has not been saturated with it and it is associated with the acquisition of food. The wild dog’s diet is composed of

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The dog’s sexual behavior

The dog's sexual behavior

The dog’s sexual behavior The male dog reaches puberty somewhere between the age of seven to ten months, depending on his breed. Small breeds are more precocious than medium-sized dogs and even more so than large-sized breeds. The extremes on either end are six months and three years. With bitches, sexual maturity or puberty corresponds to the first heat, which

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